Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Blinding Light - Ascension Attempt

"Metalcore" became a dirty word for me eventually, representing something weak and insipid - however, in the midst of metalcore's decline (or maybe well into its decline) this record came out. Brian Lovro from the all-mighty Threadbare, fronting something that sounded like Threadbare mingled with Carcass.

I was/am in love.

This album is fucking long and heavy, with some weird ass lyrics but some of the most inventive compositions I can think of short of Converge or Suicide Note.

These guys have a new record coming out sooner than later, which is exciting although some of the other projects they've had in the interrim were entirely forgettable.


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meckler said...

So good. The first time I heard the first track... it just smacked me in the face and commanded me to love it, which I did/do. The whole album is amazing, from back in the days when I still bought physical CDs.