Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Celebrity Murders - Time to Kill Space I said before I love Artie Philie (I guess this should be some foreshadowing for the Milhouse stuff eventually).

This is probably the fastest, meanest, smartest punk record to come out in a very long while - and I'm stumped to think of anything so obscenely clever but not ironic that I've ever heard.

You get a pretty generic NY punk frame, throw in a little bit of off-kilter timing, but topped off with the snarliest, most guttural vocals spewing pure vitriol:
You say you'll clean up but you won't - like a pariah who can never own a home. All the walls are closing in. With a box under the bed, saving up for the debt hanging over your head - you're everybody's problem.
These dudes don't play anymore and obviously never toured nationally. I wish there were more bands of this caliber.


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