Monday, October 6, 2008

From Ashes Rise - Discography

I will say that I love From Ashes Rise, as well, although I don't have the tattoo. They aren't my favorite Memphis via Portland band, but they're still amazing.

This is the discography of all of their early stuff (the rest of which is attainable from Jade Tree and Havoc). The first half is everything you'd want and expect, but the second half - their second LP - kind of sucks. I read a lengthy interview they posted a few years ago and it admitted such.

Still classic. Still out of print (I heard you can get the Brazilian copy still?).


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Batguano said...

Your blog's off to a great start! I miss getting to see ...FAR live, but it's great that you're resurrecting their early tracks here. It must have sucked for them to be always be considered secondary to HHIG and Tragedy, but they were still great.