Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fear Before the March of Flames - The Always Open Mouth

Tons of people I know love Fall Out Boy or Blink 182 or something equally as insipid. For me this record is like that. I'm mildly sheepish to admit how much I like it.

Everything else FBTMOF (now known simply as Fear Before) has released I am pretty ambivalent toward, but this whole recording resonated with me. From the phenomenal packaging, to the lyric booklet being hidden behind the CD tray...I just dug it.

You get some snotty, abrasive math-oriented punk with neat-o electronics and the occasional Hydra Head style breakdown. I understand the social context the band exists in and for once, I think the band themselves do, too.

However, their new record has tons of clean singing which immediately means it's bad. So, even if it is only one record they ever put out that I liked, at least it's really long.


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