Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fucked Up - Year of the Pig

This is in celebration of Fucked Up's new LP. I'm sure you can find it for free in many other places on the internet, so I won't waste our time.

If you don't know who Fucked Up is - they're pretty much the biggest punk band in the world. I assume they'll replace The Clash or something.

"Year of the Pig" is definitely my favorite Fucked Up track. I remember being floored the first time I put the needle to the record. It has everything - I won't belabour you with a pointlessly bloated description, but I can't imagine a better eighteen-minute-long opus about prostitution.


PS The B-Side "Black Hats" is about computer hackers or something. Cool. I like computers and punk music, so it's totally win-win.

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Matthew Lee Hancock said...

seriously thank you for upping this.