Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dead Low Tide - S/T

Dead Low Tide is Spencer Moody and some of the other dudes from The Murder City Devils playing some cool, bluesey indie rock. I won't make a qualitative comparison between the two bands; this record stands all on its own apart from being from that whole Washington crew.

For me this kind of runs in a similar vein to These Arms Are Snakes. While they don't seem to be aping The Jesus Lizard, I feel like there are a lot of similarities. Maybe this is more punk-oriented or has more simple chord progressions...or maybe it's just me. Listening further it could be the phenomenal bass production which is something that has always struck me about both bands.

Anyway. This is good. Laid back-ish. Kind of like the commute home on Friday. You're still a little high strung, but the catharsis is right around the corner.


ps. Since the upload is taking a while...I can't believe this record came out 5 years ago. I remember picking it up used and in bad condition shortly after it came out. It seems like it's been a lot longer, but half-a-decade is still a while. What's weird about it, looking back, is that this DIDN'T foreshadow TAAS, they would have even been contemporaries but this record just sounds so much older.

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el feder said...

thanks for the record!!
ive been looking for it, for a while
great blog!